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Individualized and effective education to become happy

American School of Murcia is a unique space for exploration, learning and personal development that prepares, hand in hand with families, our boys and girls for an increasingly global and changing world, guaranteeing their personal and professional success.

A unique educational program in Spain

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Education to make them happy

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Educate in responsibility

Individualized teaching


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An unparalleled school environment

self regulation

As the key to the happiness and well-being, both personal and work-related, of our children.

The Washington Post, El País, El Mundo, La Verdad, La Opinión de Murcia, the EuropaPress agency, among others, have echoed our educational research and its results.

Below we present some of the press articles in which the relevance of the
soft or self-regulation skills, both for the development of children and their well-being throughout life. The symbol (*) at the end of the headline indicates that this article reflects the work of our team.

Own kitchen

At American School of Murcia we are committed to healthy eating. That is why we have chosen Juan Llorca and Melisa Gómez to guide the nutrition of our educational community.

Juan Llorca

Melisa Gomez

We share with them the 8 key steps to turn our Campus into a healthy environment for our teachers, students and families.

This project has obvious benefits for our families, including recommendations for healthy dinners consistent with the food received on Campus each day.