American School of Murcia

An educational project for each child.

Maximum 20 students per course.

A home in which to learn and develop from the age of 3 until access to university

We are a private bilingual school that offers individualized education (only 20 students per course), demanding, respectful of the child's development and focused on families.

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Proven education

We have shown that our educational project improves children's soft or self-regulation skills by at least 10% per course, as well as their academic performance.

The 4 and 5 year old children from the 31 schools in the Community of Madrid formed by our team improved between 1,5 and 2,1 points (out of ten) their performance in mathematics, science and reading comprehension already in the first year of Primary Education .

American School of Murcia effectively improves boys and girls' abilities to manage their emotions, maintain sustained attention, develop social skills, postpone rewards, plan, be creative, etc., while protecting their self-concept and enhancing their academic performance.

The OECD has selected our educational program as one of the most relevant

The OECD has selected our educational program as one of the most relevant in the international sphere to improve both academic performance and soft or self-regulation skills of children, key skills for the well-being of our children throughout their lives.

Private school in Murcia bilingual in English with native teachers
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Know our history

We have been working on the Singapore Method of Mathematics since we were 3 years old.

To do this, today, it is essential to learn to manage emotions, frustration, inhibit impulses, postpone rewards, maintain attention, solve problems and conflicts, plan, develop critical thinking, creativity, resilience, empathy and compassion, teamwork, etc.

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Why choose American School of Murcia?

We are a private school in Murcia with a unique learning and development system, in a privileged natural environment, with a single line and a maximum of 20 boys and girls per course, with researchers of recognized prestige and an educational program of proven effectiveness.

Proven Effective Education

We can show that we educate so that they are happy.

Researchers of International Prestige

From universities in Spain, Chile and the United States.

Individualized Teaching

A single line with no more than 20 students per course.

Comprehensive education

Respectful of cognitive, emotional and social development.

We educate them to be global citizens, with the appropriate skills to develop their full potential.
Private bilingual school in Murcia with native teachers

The Best Centers

One more year @americanschoolofmurcia has the enormous privilege of being part of the Special Best Educational Centers in the Region of Murcia.


“Christopher Jones”

Our teacher “Christopher Jones” always says that mathematics is a universal language for the real needs that life offers us.


100 Days Of School

We celebrate 100 days of learning, laughter and growth

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