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Admission process

The admission process begins when a family contacts us, requesting information, visiting the center and interviewing our team. The interview with the parents is essential so that both the family and we can get to know each other better.

Early Childhood Education American School Murcia

Childhood education

Monthly payment: 485€

Morning classroom: €40/month (optional)

Primary education

First year monthly payment (6-7 years): 585€

Monthly fees for courses 2 to 6 (7-12 years): 595€

Morning classroom: €40/month (optional)


Secondary education

Monthly payment: 730 €

The dining room fee INCLUDES lunch, healthy meals and snacks and has a monthly cost of 170 euros. The dining room is mandatory in the infant and primary stages. We have our own kitchen.

We are The Family School and, therefore, our discounts for enrolled children are the most outstanding in the Region of Murcia. The base fee will be reduced by 25% for the second child enrolled at American School of Murcia. The discount will be 35% and 50% for the third and fourth child, respectively.

Discounts do not apply to tuition or services additional to the monthly fee.

Registration: 750 euros. Non refundable. It is paid only once, at the beginning of schooling.

Registration confirmation 2023-2024

Find all the details regarding registration in the following document.

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